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Twitter Music

January 3rd, 2010 by Collin Canright | No Comments | Filed in Music

I am announcing the first musical composition performed through Twitter, with me as the composer and first performer. The composition is called “John Cage Meets Social Media,” and here’s how it goes:

John Cage meets social media. Click link, then click each of the first four videos in turn, in 2 second intervals:

I wrote this and posted it to my Twitter account on December 22, 2009. I was quite amused by the sounds made when the video answers to four questions on social media play at the same time, how the words go in and out of phase and the ending of the fourth question almost sounds like it belongs with the answer to the first question. I felt like I had much too much time on my hands that evening, even though I did not.

It isn’t yet a famous composition. Bitly recorded 15 clicks on the link, and my friend Andrew Ettenhofer, Sales Director at fig media, told me he actually played it. I can say it’s been performed at least twice.

I am not a big John Cage fan, but I love the idea of indeterminancy in his compositions. When I was in high school music theory class, and George Hattendorf, our instructor and assistant band director, told us about Cage’s composition, 4’33”, I was captivated. It was one of those moments, a flash of pure understanding: that music was all around us, and all we had to do was listen closely.

For a full and complete treatment of 4’33” as well as  Cage’s philosophy and aesthetic, read “The Sounds of Silence,” by Larry J. Solomon.

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