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I’ve been a fan of shopping malls since I went to the Marquette Mall in Michigan City, Ind., as a child, when malls were new and big and brash and, in Northwest Indiana, just plain ritzy looking. I gained an even greater appreciation of the nuances of mall theory when I read Joan Didion’s story “On the Mall” when it appeared in her 1979 collection The White Album. I am no longer a mall shopper and don’t particularly care for the mall experience anymore. From reading this article, it appears I am not alone.
The De-Malling of America: What’s Next for Hundreds of Outmoded Malls? – CoStar Group »

The widening gap between strong malls with rising sales and failing malls that are hemorrhaging retailers, sales dollars and foot traffic has led to dire forecasts by some analysts for the future of …

Sacrum Profanum

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I am listening, on this 9-11-11 tenth anniversary remembrance day, to the opening concert of Sacrum Profanum, a new music festival in Kraków, Poland. Much of the week’s program is devoted to the music of American composer Steve Reich, whose music I have loved since my high school music buddy introduced me to “Music for 18 Musicians” in 1978, when we were seniors in high school.

What amazes me, though, is that through the magic of the internet, I can sit in my home in Chicago and listen live to a concert in AlcelorMittal’s tinning plant in Kraków, and hear Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood perform “Electric Counterpoint” and the Ensemble Modern perform “Music for 18 Musicians”.

This bringing together through technology represents to me the best of humanity. It represents the solidarity felt within our city and our country, and indeed throughout the world, after the terrible attacks.

Marketing and Sales

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Sitting in a coffee shop today in a college bookstore, I realized once again, as I eavesdropping on a couple of conversations, how life is marketing and sales.

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Content Connections

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The most critical element of maintaining contact and building relationships with a network is to touch people as many time as practical using as many ways as possible—from emails to blogs to newsletters to social media to phone calls to face-to-face meetings.

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