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China Banking

December 3rd, 2010 by Collin Canright | No Comments | Filed in Business

China and India remain high on the financial and banking agenda, with attendees at SWIFT’s Sibos 2010 conference packing the room for a session called “India and China: How Do You Choose?” The rise of China especially, in both currency and trade, played as a theme through Sibos, the annual financial and banking conference held in Amsterdam this October.

Many U.S. and Europeans are not aware of how significant both countries and their rapidly growing economies are, said Gerard Lyons, chief economist and group head of research, Standard Chartered Bank. China is looking to move into emerging markets and plans to do the kind of business development that corporations in the United States and Western Europe generally consider their purview.

That means developing and marketing new products as well as providing inexpensive manufacturing facilities for other companies. As Lyons explained the Chinese expansion imperative, “You can’t rely on selling cheap goods to Westerners up to their eyeballs in debt.”

Chinese banks are planning to expand and were exhibiting with the best of them at Sibos 2010. The Bank of China plans to open a few branches in Europe next year. “We are going global,” said Hong Zhong, Director, strategic development, Bank of China.

For their part, the Indian panelists acknowledged that they and their banks are busy on their home turf, which is difficult for U.S. and European banks to enter. The Central Bank of India now has more than 28 million retail customers across 5,400 branches, with 57% growth in the small and medium business sector last year, said S. Sridhar, the bank’s chairman and managing director.

“In our growth strategy for the bank, the domestic economy plays a huge role,” said Om Prakash Bhatt, chairman of both the Indian Banks’ Association and the State Bank of India, in a Sibos session focused on the regulatory environment. Indian banks will go abroad as their customer do business abroad, and they will need to restructure in order to meet the needs of international corporations.

Session moderator Emmanuel Daniel, CEO and founder of The Asian Banker asked the Indian panelists about another serious issue: the income disparity between the rich and the poor, with little acknowledgement of the problem. “The inability of India to distill its wealth throughout its economy remains a problem,” Daniel said, “and its capacity to address this issue remains to be seen.”

The growth of both emerging and established industrial economies in Asia may depend on it.

Indeed, one Japanese attendee suggested that the so-called “lost decade” in Japan—a reference to low growth, high debt, and deflation after the country’s real estate bubble burst in the 1990s—may become a lost 20 years. He hoped it would not be a beacon of things to come for the United States economy, as Japan’s quality-based manufacturing techniques were in the 1980s.

The Japanese appear to be looking toward increased trade within Asia for growth. “Intra-region­al trade is mainly intermediary goods,” said Shinichi Hayashida, director and deputy head of the interna­tional banking unit at Sumitomo Mit­sui Banking Corporation. Increasing income and consumption within the rising Asian economies would be a welcome change.

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Noteworthy Links for 2010-09-07

September 7th, 2010 by Collin Canright | No Comments | Filed in Business
  • “Our investment has created a home for thousands of new jobs and has helped shine a national spotlight on Chicago as a technology leader,” [Chicago Mayor Richard M.] Daley said. “The fast-growing technology field is an essential part of our plan to make Chicago the most competitive destination in the world for new businesses and new jobs.” Chicago on the tech move, from Brad Spirrison’s Chicago Sun-Times column
  • I’m living in the post-PC revolution. I’m in a desktopless world that is about feeds and profiles running in all my browsers and mobile devices, and interacting in exciting new ways. It doesn’t matter if I am in the office, at home, or at Starbucks—I am productive wherever I am. The enterprise is not just going to the cloud, it’s now going social, and it’s going mobile. Facebook and Twitter have shown us the way. Guest post on TechCrunch by’s Marc Benioff.
  • Remember this, though. When you’re reading something here that’s getting you really riled up, stop. It may be that you really should be thinking the exact opposite of what you are. And if you find yourself floating through a post agreeing with all the subtle pandering, wake up! Michael Arrington from TechCrunch
  • Do we really desire Google to tell us what we should be doing next? I believe that we do, though with some rather complicated qualifiers. Science fiction never imagined Google, but it certainly imagined computers that would advise us what to do. HAL 9000, in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” will forever come to mind . . . William Gibson on Google and Google chief Eric Schmidt’s recent interview.

Moving Sale!

June 4th, 2010 by Collin Canright | No Comments | Filed in Business, Personal

Canright Communications is moving downtown! We’re sharing office space in River North with Lyons Consulting Group, a firm that started in our Ravenswood office. And we’re selling a lot of well loved and vintage office furniture.

If you’re interested in anything and want to see it (or pick it up), email me at or call 773 248-8935 ext. 9404 and leave a message.

Bookcase, Wall-Sized – $575

Large, custom-built oak bookcase for a wall-of-books look. Approx. 8ft wide by 7ft tall. Disassembles into base, top piece, and two shelf units for transport. Currently used as a wall divider in a loft office, with ceiling guy wires. Back side is painted white and has three short shelves installed. That’s optional–the unit can stand against the wall as well.

image 1765190411-0

File Cabinet-Lateral (4 available) – $45

Beige-colored two-drawer lateral file cabinets. We have four available.

image 1765262980-0

File Cabinet-Lateral-Four Drawer – $75

Beige four-drawer lateral filing cabinet.

image 1765266626-0

Antique Desk with Typewriter Return – $125

Antique office desk (painted red) with a spring-loaded typing table. A lot of great articles, marketing materials, and a few books were written here.

image 1765833249-0

Glass Desk and Shelf – $525

image 1765272317-0

image 1765272317-2

Desks–Wooden (three available) – $50 Each

Three wooden desks: Two are maple veneer. One is maple laminate. One has separate rolling drawers. See images. One is 64 in x 32 in; one is 70 in x 34 in; and one is 60 x 27 in.

image 1765497628-1

image 1765497628-2

image 1765497628-3

Conference Table and 8 Knoll Chairs – $400

Wooden Conference table with eight rolling chairs. Table is 10×3.5 ft.: $150. Chairs are black cloth: $30 each.

image 1765824960-0

image 1765824960-2

And while we’re at it, we’re also selling some personal items we no longer want:

Lyon & Healy Troubadour II Lever Harp – $925

This is an older (late 1970s) version of the current model, the Troubadour VI. Harp is in good condition with no broken strings but will need maintenance and tuning. Specifications on a model III are:

image 1765256204-0

Round Dining Room Table/Chairs – $350

Unique round wood veneer table and 4 chairs for dining room or game room. Came from Bavaria, according to the dealer I bought it from, who shops in Prague. Good condition but nicks to the veneer on both table and chairs and some mars on the legs. All chairs are tight, and the table is sturdy. Table is 50.5 inches in diameter and 31 inches tall

image 1765453823-0

image 1765453823-2

Couch-Cabinet-Treadmill-Microwave – $150

image 1769146078-0

image 1769146078-1

image 1769146078-2

image 1769146078-3

Noteworthy Links 03-09-10

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Research and articles that have caught my attention this past week.

Atari Computer Concepts

Very cool photos of product concepts c. 1981.

Differentiating Your Company’s IT Services Menu

Thoughtful discussion of  “trusted relationships” as the differentiating factor in IT services (and other professional) firms, from Ben Bradley of MaconRaine.

SMB Marketers Segment Emails by Preference, Behavior

Email marketing research on trends for small and medium businesses.

Does social media generate leads?

Reasonable and realistic assessments of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for business lead generation.

Social media strategies that work

Report on research from MarketingProfs.

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