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Professional Bio

Collin Canright has almost 20 years experience as a consultant, project manager, and technical writer. He is particularly strong in translating the language of experts into the language of business and everyday people. He has done most any form of writing and has managed complex business and technical writing projects.

Collin is principal and account manager at Canright Communications, a businsss-to-business marketing and technical communications firm based in Chicago. As a writer and consultant, Collin’s strength is understanding client needs and technologies, translating them into communications projects, and putting together the teams required to complete the work.

Collin also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the Wright Leadership Institute, where he trains and coaches salespeople and facilitates personal leadership groups.

Over the past 20 years, Collin has written extensively about ecommerce and electronic banking in books, articles, system documentation, and marketing materials. He has served as managing editor of The Journal of Electronic Commerce, is co-author of Electronic Data Interchange: A Guide for Health Care Institutions, and contributed sections on electronic commerce to Bringing Health Care Online, a report published by the Office of Technology Assessment of the United States Congress.

Collin is a former editor of CASHFLOW magazine, where he wrote and edited articles about corporate treasury management, including electronic funds transfer and financial EDI systems. He also served as staff writer then editor of EDI EXECUTIVE, the first newsletter dedicated to EDI. Collin formed his first business in 1986 and co-founded Canright Communications in 1989.

An early interest in computers as a means of delivering information led Collin to begin his career at KEYCOM Electronic Publishing Co. He served as overnight news editor for KEYFAX, the company’s interactive videotex service.

Collin began his writing career in 1977, working evenings and summers as a government and environmental affairs reporter at his family’s newspaper, The Chesterton Tribune, located in Chesterton, Indiana.

To enhance his professional development, Collin served as 1991-92 president of Independent Writers of Chicago, the Midwest’s largest organization of independent writers. He served on the organization’s board of directors between 1989 and 1993.

Collin graduated from Indiana University with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and social science theory. He completed course work for a master’s in journalism at the University of Missouri. He is currently working on a masters and PhD in Human Potential at the Wright Graduate Institute.

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