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I go to a lot of events in Chicago and attended more than my share of training programs, conferences, and seminars. In the Canright Calendar, a listing of Chicago networking events, I list those I would (but not necessarily will) attend.

I don’t make recommendations lightly. I highly recommend the MORE Life Training, and I recommend it not only as a way to improve life overall but also as a business skills training.

The MORE Life Training, however, is not specifically promoted as a business training seminar, and on the face of it, it isn’t. The focus on the weekend is on the individual, with an emphasis on discovering what really matters to you; being more truthful and expressive, more honest and genuine; discovering how to use your personal power toward your goals and dreams; and being more engaged with other people–more yourself.

But aren’t these the most critical skills we need as business leaders? It may not be a business seminar, but it sure sounds like good ways of being in business to me. I have used it the skills from MORE Life—and like many business training seminars, it is skills based—to learn how to build rapport for improving sales and project results. I have increasingly told the truth to clients, including things that I know they don’t want to hear, and in some cases I have been able to charge more as a consultant, as opposed to a writer and project manager. I have also become a better leader by seeing the person in the role, by keeping a bigger picture in mind as well as the details.

The weekend is about knowing yourself and how you think and feel, what deeply held beliefs you based your decisions and actions on, and which of those beliefs work and which lead to, shall we say, less than satisfying results in life, love, and career. You also learn tools you can use to change the beliefs and ways of being that you don’t like.

Take a look at the MORE Life registration page, and you see good marketing copy, benefits oriented, on how the training will change your life. All three of the video testimonials on the page are inspiring. I know the people in the videos and how they learned to stand up for themselves, become more expressive, or operate with more integrity.

Seminar leaders Dr. Judith Wright and Dr. Robert Wright focus on skills within a framework of research in neuroscience, a model of human development, and a theory of human growth and change. You can read bits about Dr. Judith Wright’s Theory of Evolating in these blog posts:

Learn more about the Institute in the Wright Leadership Institute blogs. And register for MORE Life.

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