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Rematrixing is the fifth stage in Dr. Judith Wright’s Evolating model for personal transformation. Rematrixing is the crux of the model, the stage that separates real long-term, core change from learning and growing, the stage where a person experiences, in Dr. Wright’s words, “discontinuous change or transformation to a more advanced stage of being.”

My leadership colleagues and I have been working through the model last week and this week at Men’s Leadership Development Week at the Wright Leadership Institute. I have previously posted on the engagement and revelating stages of the Evolating model.

In revelating, we are gaining insight into the way we operate, revealing the matrix of rules, myths, and beliefs from which we operate. As in the movie, The Matrix, that set of rules myths and beliefs are extremely powerful in determining the nature of a person’s reality–and only as powerful as a person makes them.

In the terms of Dr. Alfred Adler, the Viennese psychiatrist who founded the field individual psychology beginning about 100 years ago, people operate on a set of mistaken beliefs learned in childhood. Therein lies the foundation of a person’s matrix, and it’s a deep foundation because it goes back generations, for the family and as a result for the individual.

Rematrixing is a difficult job that takes intention, discipline, support, and accountability. It goes beyond setting and achieving goals; it’s completely new ways of being, thinking, and acting. It’s living in a completely new way and involves shifting beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as achieving goals.

We will start by mapping our existing matrix and clarifying our new matrix. We should end up with a map that looks like a network diagram, with core sets of beliefs as the nodes.

From that, we will plan individual change, including support systems and disciplines to change one small thinking pattern and behavior after another. More on how that works to come. . .

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