Life Purpose and Spirituality

January 28th, 2010 by Collin Canright | Filed under Philosophy, Psychology.
I am considering the possibility that fear and anxiety are spiritual offerings to God. It’s a suggestion from my Ideal State Action Plan today at the Men’s Leadership Development Week at the Wright Leadership Institute. I’m not sure I buy it exactly, but I like the idea of the spiritual manifesting itself in daily living.
I have been exploring spirituality from that perspective in my studies the Wright Graduate Institute for the Realization of Human Potential. In my overview paper on Life Purpose and Spirituality course, I accept the view that a mature conception of life purpose and spirituality unites the two in daily living. The paper provides a survey of the philosophical and psychological traditions in which a person’s life purpose and spirituality are integral to daily human existence.

Traditionally, spirituality is ­the realm of the world’s religions, while purpose is often considered in terms of practical work. In more recent times, Western philosophers and psychologists have united the two, where spirituality and purpose form a unity of human daily existence.

Read the paper and let me know what you think.

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